Naughty: Demons Unleashed

Demons Unleashed is an erotic novella series set in the year 2025.

In the dawn of time the Demons were the chosen of the Moon and the Fae were the chosen of the Sun. Two parts of the whole, one dark, one light, they were much alike and shared common powers. But the magick of Demon and Fae is also fueled by Human emotions

Both need human souls in order to exist. Not content to share with the Demons, through trickery the Fae conquered the Demons so they could hoard all Human emotion for themselves. They trapped the Demons far below the surface of the Earth, hemmed in by mineral and rock and bound by magick.

The Fae did not grasp that in so vanquishing the Demons they sundered their own power. Neither is whole without the other. While the Demons festered inside the Earth, cut off from their beloved Moon, the Fae faded in the light of the Sun until they were little more than shadows.

Until the year 2015, after five years of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis had plagued the Earth, when a huge earthquake ripped through the Earth’s fault lines like a giant wave and ravaged the planet. The tectonic plates shifted and cracked open the dark, torturous prison which held the Demons captive for thousands of years.

They roared to the surface, overjoyed to be free of their banishment. Their first impulse was to partake in the pleasures they’d been denied for century upon century. And although they initially had no quarrel with Humans, they were stronger, smarter, and more devious. So when the Humans attacked, the Demons defended.

But the Humans were no match for the magick of the Demons. The energy from the Demons disrupted all electrical systems functioning on Earth. The electronic age exploded. Microchips and nanotechnology fried and died in an instant. Banking systems, maintained and funded with electronic chits, crashed. Cell phones and the Internet no longer worked. Electric appliances and cars became inert plastic and metal shells. The world plunged back into pre-electronic times with Humans scrabbling for existence.

Humans had believed all the natural disasters plaguing the Earth had been bad, but Demons were worse. For the past ten years, the battle for supremacy between Demons and Fae continued to rage on...and Humans were caught in the middle.


When the Demon bargains for one night of her one loses.

Vetis, the Demon of Corruption, is bored. It’s too easy to tempt humans into committing horrible acts and the appeal has worn thin. He’s restless and seeking distraction...until a gambler offers to settle a debt by submitting his wife for Vetis’s use.

One tiny glimpse of the rage in Amara and the absolutely sexless way she endures his sensual touch, and Vetis has his challenge. He’ll make this woman enjoy the carnal pleasures of sex.

The bargain is struck. One night. Of HER pleasure. And the debt will be paid.

Ill-used by her husband, Amara believes she is doomed, for she has no pleasure within her, her innocence forfeit long ago. But as Amara’s body awakens with sinful desires and carnal longings, hope begins to blossom that pleasure is within her reach.

Demons never fail and the challenge is on. Vetis knows with the right sensual persuasion the debt will be paid in pleasure, however he doesn’t bargain on falling in love.

Warning: this erotic romance novella contains m/f/m sex, light bondage, and smokin' hot demon sex

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To gain revenge, she summons a Demon...and loses her heart.

After Lili is viciously attacked by the Fae, she wants revenge. Who better to help her than the sworn enemies of the Fae, Demons. So she uses an ancient sex ritual to summon a Demon lover and offers her body in exchange for his aid.

Prince Gaap, commander of the Water Elemental Demons, is curiously drawn to the mysterious Lili. Even though her summons is clearly a trap, an attempt by the Fae to infiltrate and harm the Demons, he cannot resist the seductive lure of her battered soul.

Even though she was warned, Lili loses her heart to her sensual, magnetic Demon lover. 

Warning: This novella contains explicit sex, voyeurism, light bondage, self-pleasuring, sex on a beach, and smokin’ hot Demon sex  

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When they fight for the love of the same Demon, the battle seduces them all.

One of the three Graces, Thalia's purpose is to serve the Lesser Demons, but she's in love with her boss Zepar, The Demon of Seduction. Zepar has unresolved feelings for his friend and former lover, Leraye, the Demon of Battle. When Zepar rejects both Leraye and the forbidden human woman, Thalia, they turn to each other, bound by their love of Zepar. But of course, he is eaten up with jealousy when they find love without him, until a tragic attack forces Zepar to confront his feelings for both Leraye and Thalia or lose them forever.

 Warning: This erotic romance novella contains sex with a statue, sex with the Demon of Seduction and the Demon of Battle, a Demon menage (both m/m/f and m/f/m) and lots of smokin' hot Demon sex!

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Barbas, the Demon of Healing, has a secret. One he'd do anything to keep. Until the day that he meets his sworn enemy and finds himself drawn into her world. Certainly a Demon strong enough to survive being chained for a millennium beneath the Earth's crust can resist one virginal princess when she demands his help. To reveal the truth would make him a traitor to his people. So why does deceiving Aine make him feel like a traitor to his heart?

Warning: This erotic romance novella contains sex outdoors, virginal sex, sex between sworn enemies, sex in a dungeon, and lots of smokin' hot Demon and Fae sex!

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