Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Demon's Deception available on Kobo and BN, The Demon's Bargain FREE on Amazon and Kobo, and some other fun tidbits

So if you've been waiting for the book to be released somewhere other than Amazon...wait no more! :)

The Demon's Deception is now available on Kobobooks and

Also The Demon's Bargain is FREE on Amazon and Kobo right now!! (if I could figure out how to get it free on BN I would--sorry Nook owners!) And I know all of you have read it, but if you want to share Vetis and Amara's story with other readers, now is a great time to gift someone a copy. :)

I will be releasing a Christmas story in the next few weeks. It's a short story, Christmas with Kink: All Wrapped Up, about three business partners who take their relationship to another level. It's mostly erotica, except of course, there is a HEA ending because I just can't seem to help myself. :) I know it isn't anywhere near the holidays but I had this idea and I ran with it. The cover is fantastic.

Also, I am working hard on a new series, The Lost City of Zonia. The first story, Warrior Queen, should be out in the next month. Once again it's post apocalyptic. I'll share more as the release gets closer.

Thank you to everyone for reading my books and posting your reviews and sending me emails. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!!


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