Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jake's Wild Bride out now!

So pleased to announce that Jake's Wild Bride is available for purchase!!

I really love this story. It's completely different from my Demons Unleashed series. It's not erotica but a very sweet, sexy (of course there is sex in it), funny romance.

Lilah Mason is about to get married to Reverend Tom. She needs to get married to quell the wildness that lives in her soul. And then the night before her wedding, her fiance dumps her. Or he has his best man dump her.

Jake is only back in town for the wedding of best friend from childhood and to clean out his parent's house, then he's going back to California. Clearly the town is bad for him since five minutes in to his first visit in fourteen years, he's attracted to Lilah Mason, the bride.

Jake owes Tom so he agrees to look after Lilah for what turns out to be one crazy night. Can one wild night lead to a lifetime of love?

Available on Amazon and

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!! Let me know what you think.

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